Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More presh shadow boxes.

So I keep bringing up this post, but it was filled with such fun stuff that I wanted to make.  Like the shadow boxes made to display jewelery.  I finally found the old one I knew I had in my closet, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to redo it.  There are so many possibilities!  Plus, I don't know where it will be hanging in my new place so it's hard to decide on what colors I should use.  However, I found these boxes online and it looks like you can change out the background if you want.  Perfect!  I love the option to change things up.

You can use fun scrapbook paper, which is cheap and easy to match to any color scheme.

{Photo by Raymond Hom for Martha Stewart}
{decor amor}
I love that orange and light blue combo!  I also love that these have shelves to put trinkets on, but I don't think mine has enough room for it.  So I think it might look more like this one.

{design fixation}
I actually fine with the jewelery just hanging.  It's mainly for the necklaces I have hanging in a tangled mess from a cabinet doorknob lovely jewelery box anyway. 

I have to pick out some paper I like and then I can decide if I want to paint it black, white, or a color.  I'm kind of leaning towards the white since I already painted it with a base-coat and it really pops. 

Oh yeah.  Really pops against those newspapers.

I know I keep saying I'll post at a later date when these projects are finished and I promise I will.  I've just had so little time to make stuff!  Some day, I will finish these projects.  And then I can share with you!  I pinky promise swear I will have the end result posted tomorrow so stay tuned!

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