Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interior Inspiration

Happy Thursday y'all!  I love Thursdays because that means tomorrow is Friday which means the weekend is coming soon!  (My logic is just astounding.  Rebecca Black you better watch out.)  And the weekend means more time to be creative and make lovely things.  Especially with all the rain that Hurricane Irene is throwing our way.  Sooo here's what I am loving right now.

Moss in decorating is all the rage right now and these are such cute ways to use it without going overboard.

{etsy shop restruct3}
I looove the idea of a monogram done in moss.  I've seen the letters sitting on shelves like this, hanging in empty picture frames, or hung with ribbon.  And I just happen to have the right letters for Matt and me sitting in the garage.  Hmmm....the creative wheels are turning.

{a diamond in the stuff}
The little topiary balls kill me!  What a chic way to dress up space over a cabinet or a dresser!

Now speaking of dressers, you may remember my post about the beast of an armoire from last Thursday.  I still haven't decided on what color to paint it since I'm waiting to see what our new place will look like, but I have been playing around with ideas for new hardware.  There's two pulls on the doors and then handles on the drawers at the bottom.  So of course I had to look at Anthropologie because their pulls are so adorbs. 

{All from anthropologie}
The last one isn't really my style, but so cute nonetheless.  I also lurve the key but do you think it would be overkill if you did more than two?  And the crystal ones are classic and so girly!

The last bit of crafty-ness that I have is something that I'm still toying around with.  It all started when I went into my local craft store last week. Which by the way, do you know how hard it is to go into that store to A. resist buying more than I came in for and B. not actually have a home to decorate?  I was dying because I saw so many cute things but I have no where to put them.  Anywho, I found 3 blank, flat canvases on clearance for $1.99 that I couldn't pass up.  (Normally they are around $10.)  I had no idea what I was going to paint on them, but I knew I would use them eventually.

However, I have found a really cool idea that I think I'm going to make on my own and then frame them.  I saw the idea in a magazine a while back and it's just so different.  Until you get online and then there are 49,580 of them of course.  It's printing a picture onto old book pages or sheet music.  (LOVE the sheet music idea since I sing and the boyfriend plays bass/guitar.)

{Above and below: Prints By Formed By Fire}

{Octopus prints by: Black Baroque}

(Just to give you an idea of what my house obvs looks like dream office looks like with that cool print.)

I really feel like with a good quality picture to print on top and a decent printer, I could make these on my own.  I'm thinking something music themed for our future office/music room?  Or something girly and pretty for the bathroom like the perfume bottle?  The possibilities are endless.  And although the nerd inside me gasps in horror at the thought of tearing out pages from books, the art would look pretty cool on the walls.  Thank goodness for photocopiers.

I cannot wait to make some of this stuff for the place I don't own.  Good thing I have a whole garage for storage...  What's inspiring you lately?

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