Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh the 90's.

My boyfriend's mom got the game Mystery Mansion for her birthday.  (Yes, she is that fun.)  Remember that game?


Nevermind the creeper on the box.  I didn't ask questions about why he hid a million dollars in his house and I had to go there and find it.  I just found it.  It was the early 90's.  So we played the other night, and woah, did it bring back memories of my childhood.  Thanks to those guys at Hasbro, Parker Bros., and Milton Bradley we had the best games growing up.  Time for a stroll down memory lane. Maybe you recall a little game called Mall Madness?

Oh I think you do.

Why not invent a game that teaches young girls how to bargain shop?  We were all just waiting for that electronic man to yell "Clearance!"  And look how much fun those girls are having using their parents credit cards.  That's probably how she bought that presh hat.  And yes, this game still resides in my closet and I will be playing it this week. 

There was also the classic twist on truth or dare.  Oh yeah.  I'm talking about Girl Talk. 

As if we needed cards to play that game.  But hey, it probably prevented us from doing some pretty stupid stuff.  Good thinking Milton Bradley.  I don't remember what any of the truths or dares were but again, the girls on the box are having so much fun that they must have been good.

And then of course there was the ultimate sleepover board game that I wanted so badly when I was growing up and I never got.  I'm not sure why I didn't have it but all I know is, my best friend had it and I was obsessed.  Two words.  Dream. Phone.

I always wanted to know who liked me in this talking telephone game!  He might be wearing yellow but he'll never eat popcorn!  And all the guys looked like they were a part of the cast of Saved By The Bell.

Oh be still my heart.  I would like to take a moment and thank 1998 for teaching me all I needed to know about dating.

The last game I remember playing in the 90's wasn't actually a board game but it was crazy popular anyway.  Some of my friends had at least 5 of them on their backpacks.  All you had to do was feed it, play with it, and clean up it's poop.

Tamagotchis!  They were so worth the risk of checking them in class.  And does anyone remember what happened if you ignored them?  They turned into little angels.  Aw, so sad.  But not too sad because you could hatch another one or go buy the blue one you had your eye on. 

I could go on forever about all the toys and games that made the 90's awesome, but I have to go play Pretty, Pretty Princesses now.  I hope I don't get the black ring.

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Lance Liebl said...

Poor Jason...no one is going to choose Jason over Bob...look at him!

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