Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ring-a-ling part 2

In my previous post about engagement rings here (no, I am still not engaged, thanksforbringingitup), I did not mention that my dream ring does indeed exist and it's sitting in my mother's jewelry box.  It is my father's grandmother's antique engagement ring (we're still not sure how far back it goes on the family tree) and I love it so very much.

Please disregard the fact that my knuckles are too fat for the ring at this present time and try to ignore the ugliness that is my nail polish.  And now a close up so you can see how fantastic I am with a camera. Not.

Is it possible to loose weight in your knuckles?
They just don't make rings like this anymore.

So the boyfriend and I have discussed the possibility of asking my parents for the ring and as of now, it's still up in the air.  It does make him nervous to think of asking for it so we'll see how it goes.  I could see why the idea of taking someone's old ring could be daunting.  Plus he likes the idea of a buying a new one that could be passed on to our daughter.  (Please oh please, let me have a girl.) But it is a family heirloom and that means more to me than the size of a diamond or the quality of a setting.

I've also toyed with the idea of getting a blood free diamond with recycled platinum or white gold.  I just think helping out the environment in my own little way would be cool and the rings can sometimes be cheaper.  However, so far I can only find them online.  And the idea of buying my engagement ring online is just not for me.  You can also buy an estate ring that is a genuine antique but I would feel weird wearing someone else's piece of history.  Has anyone had experience with wearing a ring (recycled or re-sold?)

Regardless of where it comes from, I can't wait to see that sparkly ring on my finger knowing that it's one step closer to becoming a wife to the best man I know.  And just for good measure, here's one more of my grandmother's ring.  (No Matt, this is not a hint, I just like to show the internet my knuckles belong to a moose how beautiful the ring is.)

I will have it known that I decided to take this last shot just for good measure...and the ring slipped right over the aforementioned fat knuckle. 

It's a sign.

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