Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So in love am I.

During my little blog hiatus, we had our engagement party with all our friends and family, and it was so much fun.  Seriously, if that's what the wedding is going to be like, plus all the family from across the country, then this is going to be the craziest wedding I have ever been to.

But what else was I expecting when you mush a huge Italian family and a huge Irish family together in one room with flowing alcohol and good music?

Like I said, crazy.  Crazy fun.

I just wanted to share some photos from that night because it was a blast and I love sharing my personal life with the universe.  (Except the creepers. I never like those.)

I also wanted to thank our photographer Megan Huard from In a Glimpse Photography and my bridesmaid Amanda for setting it up.  You guys are the best!  The pictures are all awesome and she was so sweet and professional.  You can check out her Facebook page here .

Our awesome Pixar's UP themed cake by the extremely talented Emily of Cakes for a Cause.  Please, please check out her Facebook page here She loves making beautiful cakes, and her all profits are going towards a trip she will be taking to Africa to help underprivileged children!

And lastly, can we just conclude with this photo?

I get to marry this guy.  :)

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Anonymous said...

You're a very lucky lady to be marrying a guy with those dance moves.

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