Monday, April 16, 2012

May the odds...

I feel like I'm a little late with this post, but hey, The Hunger Games aren't going anywhere soon so I felt the need to share some fun stuff with you.  Much like the rest of the universe, I finally read the Hunger Games series.  (In about 5 days mind you.  I was a woman possessed.)  I went to see the first movie, swooned over the leading male characters, and now I cannot get enough of all things Hunger Games related.  I used to scoff at the people who read Twilight because it was just some books and movies about fake, ridiculously impossible circumstances, but I get it guys....I totally get it. 

Naturally, when any book series comes out and is turned into a bazillion dollar movie empire, there's gonna be some great merchandise to buy.

"Moichandising! Moichandising! Where the real money from the movie is made."

(Name that movie.)

And like any crazed loyal fan, I would like to buy everything that is Hunger Games related.  However, it's a good thing I know I have a wedding to save for, or my bank account would be empty and I would be wearing a Hunger Games t-shirt down the aisle.

So instead, I am going to share these lovely items with you guys instead!  (And drool from a safe distance.)

Of course there are a gazillion t-shirts with quotes and logos all over them.  I happen to like the ones that are clever and relate to the book without screaming "I'm a quote from The Hunger Games!"  Does this make me a Hunger Games hipster?  If so, who cares because these shirts are very cute. 

(Buy here)
(Try to ignore the creepy manikin m'kay?  Sorry I didn't warn you about her first.)

(Buy here)
Oh yes, I am team Peeta.  Hardcore. 

Even though Gale is smokin' hot. 

Ok, so maybe not totally hardcore.

In a moment of insanity, I searched "Hunger Games" on Etsy, and just about died at the amount of creative stuff people have made.  Namely, the jewelry. 

(Buy here)
Doesn't this bracelet scream Katniss?  Something about the leather with the burnished metal that reminds me of jewelry she would wear. Or for those of you that are Rue fans, there's this lovely piece.

(Buy here)
So pretty!  And such a gorgeous interpretation of her last moments in the book.

Speaking of gorgeous interpretations, I think I might have to break my rule on the no-buying-Hunger Games-stuff and purchase this item. 

(Buy here)
It's a necklace!  The seller says it's the reaping ball from district twelve, and if you buy it, she puts your name in it for you.  So, so clever.  And normally I don't really advertise sellers from Etsy, but you guys should really check out the rest of the items in her shop.  (She has Harry Potter stuff for those of you who love those books too.)

But the merchandise doesn't stop there! If you want to truly be a Hunger Games fan, specifically the ladies, then you can buy the China Glaze Capital Colours nail polish.  Such a fun idea!

(More here)
I'm particularly interested in "Foie Gras", the creamy taupe that's second from the left. 

And finally, before you guys begin to think I'm employed for Lionsgate, a Katniss-themed Barbie doll.  Oh yes. 

(More here)
So glad it actually looks like a human and not like those train wrecks I wrote about in this post.

All in all, some pretty cool stuff to buy.  I am also thinking about getting the soundtrack, but I have a gift card for my Kindle so I can justify that purchase.

Now, would someone please win the lottery and donate some money to me so I can buy the rest of these things?

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