Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is not real life.

Hi guys.  Sorry I have been such a bad blogger recently.  It's just kind of hard to get posts written and and up when you're so excited about the fact that you got engaged over the holidays!  That's right kids!  I am officially engaged!  I can't believe it myself.  I am still getting all flustered about it almost two weeks later.  I cannot stop looking at my left hand and the gorgeousness that is my ring.

He did good.

So before I regale you with the tale of how he popped the question, I will be oh-so-nice and show you pictures first.  Because c'mon, we all know that's what you want to see anyway.  I'm sorry that there is a silly amount of pictures.  It was requested by my huge fan base some of my girlfriends to post lots of detail shots  and who am I to deny the requests of my lovely friends?

The ring has such beautiful and delicate scroll work on the sides of the band that add such a lovely touch.  It reminds me so much of my grandmother's engagement ring. 


The funny thing is that it's nothing at all what I would have chosen, but I love it so much.  My fiance really is a better shopper than I am.  (I am still getting used to saying fiance.  Kind of like how we all have to stop ourselves from writing 2011 on all our checks.  However, I have no problem referring to myself as fiance when meeting someone.  Think I've been ready for this much?)

Alright, alright enough with the shenanigans.  Time for the story.  I first would like to preface it with the fact that I had no idea that he was going to propose, it was a total surprise.  However, I did know something big was up because he was acting really strange and nervous during the couple of hours leading up to the proposal.  I was hoping that he was either going to propose or give me a puppy for Christmas.  Either way I was gonna be happy.

So it was Christmas Eve and every year we go to Matt's aunt's house for a huge, Italian feast and presents.  Literally there are at least 40 people there every year and it is one of the things I look forward to the most during the holidays.  We were getting ready to go when I decided I should straighten Matt's hair.

I feel I should take a time out here and explain that this is not a weird statement even though it may sound like one because Matt has longer hair and the ends like to fly up Farrah Fawcett style.  Even though that whole feathered-on-the-ends-but-90's-Ellen-Degeneres-on-the-top thing is really in right now (not), I felt the need to tame it down a bit so that we could have nice pictures. 

So I finished straightening his hair and he began to freak out.  He said he was all sweaty and started pacing around like a polar bear.  (This really is a normal occurrence, I was not in any way suspicious.)  Then he declared he was just going to wear a hat and cover it up so he didn't have to worry about it.  (Just so it's known, I hate hats.  Doesn't matter what kind, I like to see his face and head.  Unfortunately like most guys, he loves baseball hats and caps.  It's an ongoing scuffle between us.)  Naturally, I couldn't allow him to wear one so I said no way, his hair looked fine.  Of course, we had to disagree for a few more minutes before he told me to go into the office and get his new hat off of the bed to just see what it looked like.  I finally agreed, so I went in and picked his hat up off the bed.  However, underneath was an Christmas tree ornament of a man proposing to a woman with a big sparkly ring.  It said "Engaged 2011" with our names on it.  Cute right? 

But guys, I freaked out.  I kept asking what it was and why it said "Engaged 2011" on it when we weren't even engaged.  (Obvs I was not thinking in the moment and I need a CAT scan.)  He wasn't answering me, so I came out of the office and there he was with the ring in his hand.  I immediately starting bawling and he started laughing at me because I was crying so much.  Then he got down on one knee and asked "Would you marry me?".  Of course I said yes and then we got to go celebrate with our families and friends at the Christmas party.

All in all, it was so us the way it happened, (As in me crying and him laughing at me.  That is common for us.  As in the Cowboys playing football in the background.  And as in the fact that I didn't care what the ring even looked like, I ignored it and just said yes.)  It was perfect.  Just the two of us, no fuss. Christmas has always been a special time for us so now it will be even more special. 

And now I get to marry the love of my life.  Best.  Christmas.  Ever.

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