Saturday, January 7, 2012

Putting the cart before the horse.

I am a little ashamed to admit something this dumb but if you're going to admit something, might as well admit it to strangers right?

Ok.  I may or may not have an obsession with very expensive curtains. 

Go ahead and laugh but it's a problem.  It's a problem because we need curtains badly and I can only seem to find ones that are ridiculously expensive. ...Alright that's a lie.  I can find cheap ones, but I believe them to all be hideous.  However, we need to solve this problem soon because we have vertical blinds in our bedroom that stretch across half the wall and those blinds allow light to shine into my retinas every morning at 6:30 am. 

And when I say we need to solve this, I mean me because Matt gets to sleep on the other side of the bed where the light knows better than to go.

I bought the curtain rod two months ago because I thought we would have curtains to hang on it by now, but so far it has been collecting dust under our guest bed.  But when you find these babies, how could you settle for anything less?

(Pottery Barn)

"Corinne, you dummy", you might be saying, "Why not just search at cheaper stores?".  And I wish it could be that simple.  But I honestly have looked at hundreds of online stores and their curtains are so ugly.  I don't understand why yellow print curtains have to be so difficult to find.  However, I am not an insane person so I won't be buying these curtains anytime soon.  I'm going to keep looking until I can find the right curtains for the right price.  And  there's always the option of sewing my own curtains.  Of course, that would mean actually having to sew. 

Wow. Can anyone else believe I just did a whole post on curtains?

Also, I believe I said curtains at least 35 times in this post.  My apologies.


blair said...

I haven't tried this out, but this might be a possibility... buy fabric and bring it to an alterations place for them to make the curtains? I hear you can do that with simple items like napkins. No idea if it would be expensive, but it would be a simple job for them.

Love the ones pictured above!

Megan Koch said...

I just bought fabric on, and they had some REALLY great ones on there. Plus very detailed instructions on measuring for curtains and making them ;)

Here's one-

Just an idea!

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