Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiite Christmas.

Hello, hello!  Now that Halloween is over, it's the annoying part of November that we have to get through before the holidays start.  I don't know about you guys, but now that my Halloween decorations are put away in boxes, my house feels a little lacking in the decor department.  I still have a few pumpkins out and some gourds I picked up at the pumpkin patch, but that's about it.  I don't really want to go overboard with the decorating because I have decided to put up our Christmas stuff early.  (Huzzah!!)  We are going to Disney World this weekend (So. So. Excited.)  and I know that after seeing all their Christmas decorations, I'm going to want to put mine up too.

Well for the rest of you guys that are not freaks about Christmas, there are still 3 weeks that you have to have some sort of theme for.  So I went searching for inspiring pictures for some fall decor that didn't scream Thanksgiving.  Does that even make sense?  Turns out, the white pumpkin trend has really exploded this year and so I narrowed my search down to white pumpkins.  The results are just gorgeous.

Of course I begin every search with Pottery Barn.  They just nail it every time with any type of holiday decorating.  This front porch makes me A. Want a front porch, B. Want to live in New England where the leaves actually change colors, and C. Have a fake raven sitting on a pumpkin patch on my porch.  I don't care if people think this looks ridiculous, I love the assortment of pumpkins and leaves here.  And those still my heart.  The possibilities for those babies are endless.

Why don't I have stairs leading up to a perfect brownstone?  Must get the boyfriend to start building immediately so I can have stairs to put pumpkins on.  And can we talk about how they're being used as planters?  So perfect for someone who doesn't have room for planters.  Ahem.  That would be moi.

This idea gets me all tingly inside because I have three white candlesticks waiting for pumpkins to sit on them!  I wish I had some silver ones, but that just means another trip back to Goodwill.  I also think the handmade sign says Thanksgiving without being too much.  This decorator also gets points for using that old window on the mantel as a picture frame.  So creative!  Now I just need a mantel...

Can we just have a moment of silence for how fabulous this collage is?

Thank you.

Now I know no one's house would ever look like this unless they lived in a plastic bubble, but I think all white looks so chic and put together.  And that hanging pumpkin is so perfect for an unexpected twist to a centerpiece.

Last we have a picture that has nothing to do with fall, but I still think it makes a lovely centerpiece for a table.  The textures here are amazing.  You have the natural wood and fabric mixed with the cool glass and delicate paper.  Just really nicely done and I wanted to include.  Plus I think I might make some sort of garland with those tissue paper flowers.  If done in fall colors, it could really work for Thanksgiving.

So there you are.  Some lovely fall inspiration to get us through the next week three weeks until the Christmas decorations go up!

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