Saturday, December 10, 2011

The great armoire project.

Today's post will be short and sweet, but I am so happy that I can finally post it. 

It's about my armoire.  Yup.  That pink one I was supposed to paint when I moved in.  Naturally that meant I painted it six weeks after and then didn't take pictures of it until today.  But I am ready to show the final reveal and I hope you think it's as pretty as I do! 

First, let's take a look at it all primed and white.

Holy smokes Batman, it looked better already.  I couldn't believe what a difference a flat coat of paint made.  I almost wished I could just leave it white because it looked so good!  However, it has always been my dream to have it yellow so I continued on with the paint.  And it looks. so. fab.



I absolutely freaking love it!  It turned out so nicely and it looks great in our room with the grey walls and matching bedding.

So to break down the whole process, I wish I had just painted the stupid thing when we moved in because it was so simple and we would have had our room put together ages ago.  But alas, the temptation to stay in bed or to lay on the couch on the weekends (I see a trend there) was too much for me.  However, when I finally did get around to priming it, I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer.

Now, I like to keep the foul language off of this blog but for the sake of this product I can't help it.  This stuff is the shit.  And I say that because it allowed me to paint with no sanding what-so-ever.  And that was worth more than anything.  I could seriously paint anything my heart desired after priming with this stuff.  It covered well, was easy to wipe up if I dripped, and it made my life a bajillion times easier.  I did two coats of it, let it cure for a week and a half, and I was good to go when I painted. 

I used the color "Pooh Bear yellow" from the Behr Disney line, and it is so perfect.  It's exactly what I imagined.  It's creamy and bright without being too gold. 

The coverage was great and I only needed a pint to do the whole armoire.  Now, the painting process was a learning one because I did take the hardware off of the doors and drawers but I was halfway through before I realized it would be easier to take the actual doors and their hinges off to get a smoother coat.  Common sense but hey, like I said, it was a learning process.

I was going to change the knobs and pulls on the bottom, but the old ones ended up looking really great against the yellow paint, and the style still matches our room nicely.  And any way to save money is a good choice.

And that's the great armoire project!  I am so happy it's finally finished and that we have an almost completed bedroom.  I say almost because we need curtains.  More on that topic in the future.

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