Monday, October 24, 2011

Presh Halloween decor.

In between battling the daddy long legs infestation in our new place (don't. ask.) and trying to figure out how to cook without a microwave, I somehow managed to finally get the Halloween decorations up.  I don't have as much stuff as I thought I did or as much as I would have liked, but for our first holiday in the apartment it ain't too shabby.  That being said, I will be adding more stuff for our party next weekend, but for now I'm happy.

Of course I had to make a Halloween wreath for the front door.  (I really feel like I will eventually have one for every holiday.)  I didn't want to make anything scary or gross since cutesy is more my style anyway.  It turned out differently than I pictured in my head, but I think it looks great anyway.

The coloring of this picture came out really strange but I used orange and black felt to make roses and pom-pom flowers and then added small details.  I used orange, purple and black sparkle ribbon along with a black and purple raven, and a skeleton cameo.

I got her on sale at my craft store and I think it adds just enough creepiness to the wreath.

Then I moved into the kitchen where I added just a few small touches.  I had some painted ornaments and the "boo" sign was one dollar at Tar-jay!  I think my favorite part of the whole house is those cute towels I found at a home goods discount store.  I just love them!

In the corner I put a little grouping of Halloween pumpkins and candy corn.  (The candy corn is in a jar I found at Goodwill for $1.50.)

The white one is actually a real pumpkin I found on sale at the Home Depot two weeks ago.  I am reluctant to carve it because it's so pretty!  I wish I could just keep it for a whole year until next Halloween. 

But luckily, white pumpkins are really in this year so the craft store had fake ones for sale.  I snagged this little baby for about $4.

Not as pretty as the real one, but it will definitely last more for years to come.

I didn't do too much in our living room, just a few small touches here and there.  I used spiderwebs all over a la Disney's Haunted Mansion and put out lots of Halloween candles.

The picture is actually a hologram of an old Civil War soldier that looks like this creepy guy when you walk by.  I have a second one on our other book case that is an Victorian couple.  They were also on sale at the craft store and I knew I had to have them.

The last thing I made wasn't actually decorations for my house but some accessories instead.  Since Halloween is on a school day, and at the school where I teach we're not allowed to celebrate any holidays,  I just wanted a little something to wear on the actual day.  So I had my friend over and we made cute headbands.

They turned out so cute!  Good thing because I have no clue what I'm going to dress up as at our party.

Stay tuned for pictures of our party decorations and a tutorial on some spooky sweet treats this week!

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