Monday, October 3, 2011

Let's do this.

Now that I've had a chance to calm down a bit, yeah right, I have thought more realistically about our new place.  And how we move in a week.  And how we are not packed, have no truck, have no boxes and omgawd we move in a week and I am freaking out. I am still super excited to move into our own place but it's the moving part that I hate.  We have moved a total of four times in the almost-four years we've been dating.  So we technically are moving pros but I still loathe it.  I am hoping that we will be in this new place for at least two years so there will be no more moving for a while.  However we do have some con's that I have been trying to keep in mind.

-We have always moved in the middle of August when it is a blazing 98-feels-like-198-degrees outside.  We will now be moving in October in the middle of a cold front that is supposed to pass through.  (Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!)

-There won't be a three hour drive to the new place.  It should all fit in the truck/our cars and go in one 15 minute trip if all goes according to plan.

-If we forget something or don't want to move it right away, we can always make a quick trip to go pick it up.  There's no pressure of forgetting anything either.

-We are moving out of our parents house.  'Nuff said.

The plan is to move this Saturday (rain, rain stay away if you know what's good for you) so here's hoping for a smooth process.  I'm hoping that we'll be all cutesy like that couple in the Folger's commercial where they wake up the morning after moving and they drink their coffee out of a creamer jar and a ramekin because they can't find their coffee cups.


Except we don't have a coffee maker and more realistically we'll want to kill each other.  But hey, a girl can dream.

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