Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bursting with excitement. Literally.

I am so excited I could sing!!  Actually I did sing my own made up happy-song, but that's besides the point.  The point is...I am moving out of my parent's house this weekend.  Ah!  The boyfriend and I are going to have our very own first place together.  No roommates.  No parents.  Just us!  Finally.  It was so unplanned for and kind of just happened today (hence the ridiculous screaming and singing coming from my mouth) but it's 99% official.  All the paperwork just has to go through and then we're golden!

It all started when the boyfriend was like "Hey let's go apartment hunting tomorrow", to which my jaw promptly dropped the floor in shock.  He never volunteers to go without me dragging him kicking and screaming.  Plus, I thought we weren't moving until after the holidays.  So I was a little hesitant but totally willing because as you know, I lurve to apartment hunt.  We had three places on our list all closer to my work and our friends.  The first one was a big, fat no but the second one turned out the be glorious.  (Sorry to Robert, the realtor that was ready to show us the third place today!  We were smitten!) 

It has tons of space, laminate flooring, and best of all, the walls are not builder's white when you move in.  Most people might laugh and say that I'm an idiot for caring about the stupid walls, but I absolutely loathe white walls.  They drive me bananas because I know how pretty they could look with some color splashed on them.

Which brings me to my next point.  I am positively giddy with the decorating possibilities for my very own place!  I no longer have to make things just to put them in my closet.  I get to decorate for Halloween!  And Christmas! It is just really amazing.  I feel so blessed the we were able to find a place we loved in a location that's great in our budget.  So get ready for a massive amount of posts about our future place because I can't wait to fill it with our stuff!  (Except we barely have any furniture and it's more like decorating stuff.  But who cares!  We have our own place!)

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