Friday, September 23, 2011

Untangled jewelery is a miracle.

Finally!  The reveal of the jewelery shadow box I made.  I know the wait has been rough and sprinkled with promises but the day has finally come. 

You would think I'm showing you the next iPad or something.  Jeeze.

However, it is pretty cute and I'm so happy I made one.  Now my necklaces are no longer in a tangled mess hanging from a doorknob in a jewelery box and instead they are displayed like the artwork they are.  

The best part about the whole project?  It was free!  I already had the box in my closet and the fabric was left over from a canvas my mom covered.  Loves it!  And speaking of fabric, I know you are dying to know what I did with the "M" I had after I covered the "C" with moss earlier this week.

I covered it with a different piece of extra fabric that was lying around!  (That is a usual occurrence in our household.)  It matches my parent's living room perfectly and since it's an M for our last name, I gave it to them to display.  I prefer to give away the stuff I make anyway.  But can I just say for the record, this thing was a beast to cover.  I insist that you look at it from at least three feet away.  There has got to be a better way to put fabric on a wooden letter.  Thank goodness the boyfriend-hopefully-fiancee-for-reals has a last name that starts with an easier letter because I am so not doing that song and dance again. 

And that's my craftiness for the week.  I have 3 million other projects I want to tackle (thanks Pinterest) but I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day!  I also am going to get going on my awesome, amazing website for my upcoming store so I will be updating you in the future with those shenanigans.  Until then, have a wonderful weekend! 

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