Saturday, September 17, 2011

The REALLY awkward dresser.

Ok people.  I'm having a crisis.  If you remember my post from this past week, I was considering what to do with the dresser in my room to make it more French and less Chinese looking.  I know it will be staying in my old room when I move out, but I still think it needs a makeover.  I can't rest until the stupid thing is altered in some way.  And I'm thinking that something is a few coats of paint.  I'm thinking something along the lines of these colors.

I could do the basic black with scratching and distressing.  If I did a white primer underneath, then it would show up nicely under the black.  This dresser was actually white before it was painted so the detailing underneath really pops.

{my dear trash}
 I also could do something a little more shabby chic, such as this dresser that's being sold online.  It has a lot of distressing but I still think it's fabulous.

{furniture on net}
And then of course there's the more traditional creamy ivory that most French provincial furniture pieces are painted.

{Both from retro renovation}
It was when I was looking at all these dressers that I realized what really is wrong with my dresser.  It's not that it just needs paint.  It's the shape of the piece itself.  It's tall and narrow, while these are all waist height and wide.  Mine also doesn't have the curves and detailing that traditional French pieces have.  Psh, but that isn't going to stop me.

Thank goodness for the internet my friends.  Because I can just buy some details like these. 

{Both from cabinet-mart}

I am almost 99 % sure that I've seen wood pieces like these at my local craft store.  So I can have my French dresser after all!  The more I think about it, the more excited I get.  Now I just have to narrow it down between the white or the black.  My life is so difficult. Not.

Keep your eyes open for the progress of this piece because I know it will be a vast improvement! 

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