Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The awkward dresser.

I think it is my lot in life to have lots of furniture that isn't necessarily aesthetically pleasing.  It started with my couch that cost $80 dollars (I should have known) that was literally a shade of gold and so, so ugly.  Hey, we all make mistakes.  Then I was given the armoire that was pink with a white wash that was reminiscent of the southwestern style so popular in the eighties.  (We all know that's gonna get painted when I move though.  Thank. Goodness.)  And now I have a dresser in my french kitschy room that looks like something from a Chinese restaurant.

Makes me crave lo-mein and fortune cookies.  Also, can I not take a picture that is un-blurry?  God forbid my hands stop shaking for the .7 seconds it takes to click the button.  Good thing I'm so crafty though right?

My Mom picked this up for my room a couple of years ago when I moved out and took my old dresser, but this one totally doesn't go with the rest of the room.  She thinks it looks great but I have been itching to change it for a while.  I went online to see what I could find and had an aha! moment.  (Love those!)  I would get new knobs!  They always say sometimes it just takes new hardware to update an old piece.  And I knew exactly where to go.

And I'm pretty sure you know where I went too.  It rhymes with schmanthropolgie. 

They have a gazillion knobs to choose from and I couldn't pick just one style that I wanted.  But my Mom being the genius that she is said to just pick four different ones.  Why not?  French kitsch is all about being mismatchy anyway.  (I am making up all sorts of words today.)  So I ended up picking these.


I installed them right away and already the dresser looks a smidge better.

The dresser did put up a good fight though.  The old pulls were attached by just big metal tabs, kinda like the ones on the back of the big, manila envelopes.  I got a few bloody knuckles but you should see the dresser.

Loads better.  But you people know me, I can't just stop with knobs.  I might actually have to paint the freaking thing.  I think I won't be satisfied until it looses the fire engine red paint.  It blends in too much with the wall.  The only reason I haven't tackled it is because I really don't know how to paint it.  I'm thinking maybe a fresh white and some color on the drawers.  Who knows.  It will probably go through a couple of changes before I'm happy with it.  Stay tuned for the final results!

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