Saturday, September 3, 2011

My brain is on vacation

First of all, welcome to the new layout of Small Fry, Tall Dreams!  I really liked the old layout with the dandelions but it wasn't really capturing the look I was going for.  I'm still not quite there, but I feel this one is much improved.  You like?  Feel free to comment or email me with suggestions or thoughts.  They are always appreciated!

So more importantly you guys, I forgot that this weekend was Labor Day weekend.  Who does that?  It's a day off from work to hang out with friends & family, swim, and barbeque.  And if you're my boyfriend, a day to buy a humongo t.v. at half price.  Why would anyone forget such a great day?  Maybe it has something to do with me not starting my new job yet...  (so. much. paperwork.) Labor Day totally slipped my mind.  But I can't wait because that means loooots of time to make things! 

Also something I am excited about:  the Pottery Barn Labor day sale.   Men like to go out and buy fancy electronics.  I like to buy fancy home decor.  I love me some cute pillows and candles!

{Pottery Barn}

I would like to spend my holiday weekend here, please and thank you.

So happy Labor Day and enjoy your long weekends!

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