Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More lovely wreaths.

You guys, I cannot stop making wreaths.  I have no front door to speak of on which to hang the lovely things, but it hasn't deterred me from making them at all.  I keep seeing gorgeous pictures online and I just have to re-create them.  Such as this one.

{little things bring smiles}
So. Freaking.  Adorable.  And I already know how to make the rosettes.  Bonus!  Of course I will now be painting my future front door blue to match this photo.

I also would like to make these, please and thank you.

{oops icraft my pants}  Seriously?  This blog name kills me.  Really amazing.
{teach craft love}
{classicly amber}

I think all of them are so adorable that I don't really know where to start first.  I'm thinking I kinda have to make all of them and just switch them out based on seasons.  And who says wreaths are for the front door anyway?  I have them hanging all over my parent's house.  I can't wait to make these this weekend.  I will definitely be posting in the future with pictures of how mine turned out!

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