Thursday, September 29, 2011

I must be crazy.

This is the rundown of my day today.  Like you guys care, but here it is just in case.

Obvs I am the most interesting person you know.

1. Woke up at 7 am.  Had the amazing realization that I still had 45 minutes left to sleep before my alarm went off.

2.  Rolled around for 37 minutes trying to get comfortable and fall back asleep.

3. Fell back asleep for 8 minutes before my stupid alarm went off.  Had a brief dream that I was babysitting three children in a Walgreens but I couldn't find the toy aisle.  Must stop eating after 10 pm.

4.  Got ready for work while cursing the early hour the whole time.

5.  Arrived at work and was bombarded by 11 manic two year old's when I walked in the door.

6.  Chased said two year old's around the room until I was told to go into the infant room.

7.  In the 5 hours I spent in the infant room I: changed 2 poo-splosion diapers complete with wardrobe changes, fed what felt like a million bottles to screaming, hungry babies, got spit up on a few times, and cried of happiness that I was doing all that instead of pulling a child out from under the fake kitchen sink or getting licked/sneezed on/smacked in the face.  And yet I still want my own kids.  Funny how that works.

8. Spent the rest of the afternoon with the older ones and I wanted to pull my hair out.  Have you ever had a child roll up a rug while you were changing poop and talking on the phone to a parent at the same time?  They can smell your weaknesses.  Just when I thought I was going to lose it and I did the counting to ten thing,  a one little boy gave me a huge hug and cried when I had to go.

My heart melted.  How can you be mad when they do that?

9.  Came home and was blessed with delicious home cooked food (one of the redeeming reasons of still living at home) while a dog licked my toes.  He's a strange one.

10.  Got tickled until I almost peed my pants.  Literally. 

11.  Realized I have no blog posts written for next week.  Panicked. 

12.  Had the nutso idea to write about my day as if someone cared.

All that and it's not even Friday.  I have the craziest days sometimes but I still love my job and all that ensues.  Even though I want to cry from exhaustion sometimes, the kids still manage to make me laugh and I always get to come home with some good stories.

I'm still glad tomorrow's Friday though.

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