Friday, August 19, 2011

Ssh don't tell...

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  Actually it is a large secret and not really a secret.  I cannot cook to save my life.  I really try to make nice meals and usually I end up making pancakes for dinner a four course gourmet masterpiece.

However, I just wasn't gifted with the right kitchen skills.  I burn frozen dinners (you may think it is impossible since they are idiot proof, but I can prove you wrong my friends), my eggs turn out rubbery, and I can only really make pasta.  Poor Matt tries to grin and eat whatever I make but I know he's crying on the inside.  He grew up in a large Italian family that makes feasts for 100 but he is going to marry a girl who can barely boil water.  (He is obvs blinded by my beauty and therefore can ignore my terrible cooking.)

I can however bake.  Weird I know.  I make a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies and my cheesecakes are requested at parties.  So if it's something sweet you're looking for, I'm your gal.  I was looking through some delicious summer treats and I decided I just had to try these out.

  Martha Stewart's Blue Belles with lemon zest

Mariel from feast on the cheap 's key lime pie pops

 Strawberry ricotta pops from my baking addiction

 And Better Homes and Gardens skillet peaches a la mode.

Um how amazing do those look?  And would it be wrong for me to make all of them at once?  Is bathing suit season almost over yet?  (Ha that's a good one since it's 938 degrees outside until December in FL.)  Maybe if I only have two of each a little taste... Looks like I need to get into the kitchen this weekend and start baking.  Hopefully I don't burn anything.

Hope you have a fab weekend!

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