Thursday, August 18, 2011

Interior Inspiration

So the boyfriend and I haven’t found a place to live yet, but I’m already getting fab ideas for how to decorate and really make the place ours.  It all started when we watched 500 Days of Summer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt puh-lease be my man on the side), and I saw his headboard was drawn on a chalkboard wall like so:

Such a creative idea!  So of course I had to Google “chalkboard headboard” and came up with a bajillion amazing ways to do it.  

Oh Anthropologie you just slay me.  Every. Single. Time.

I don’t know if it would be possible to use that paint in a rental but it is still an amazing idea all the same.  Maybe I could do just a giant square of it rather than the whole wall? Either way would be so neat.  Plus with my goldfish-sized patience span for things staying the same I could have a new headboard every week for free!

I also have my whole life a few small boxes piled up in my parent’s garage including this beast of an armoire:
 ...Ok so maybe my whole life is all over the garage. I'm really surprised anyone can get their car in there anymore.  Ah, the life of a nomad.

I have dealt with that loooovely Southwestern style in the past two places I’ve lived but I just can’t live with it anymore.  That being said, it seriously makes me want to vom thinking about all the sanding, priming, and painting I’d have to do to it.  Plus it needs some new hardware. But it is a nice piece so I was playing around with ways to make it pop and I came up with these beauties.

I am very nervous to try such a bold color because I’m a neutral tones kinda lady but after looking at these I really want to take the plunge.  Plus I can always paint it a neutral color if it doesn’t work out right?

The last design trend that I am obsessed with right now are those vinyl decals you buy and stick to your wall.  I think they are so cool and they seem really simple to put up.  I especially love the one of the lochness monster.  How cute would that be for a little boy's room?

 {all of these are made by dalidecals }

Having said that, they also come with a large price tag.  I really can’t justify spending around $60 on just one.  So of course I have decided that when the time comes, I can just paint a similar design myself.  Ha! We will see how that turns out.

So what design trends inspire you?  And stay tuned every Thursday for other posts of interior inspiration.

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