Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movin' on Up

As I mentioned previously, I am living with my parents (hopefully not indefinitely.  Please-oh-please let me get this job I interviewed for), which has been totally fine so far. However, I have not lived with my parents for 5 years now, so it’s starting to take a toll on me as well as them.  They have been living in an empty nest for almost 4 years so all of a sudden I have ruined their alone time (Gross but unfortunately true.)  I think it reminds my mom of when I was in high school because all of a sudden she’s asking where I’m going and with who, and when I come in late I am shamed over breakfast.
Oh yeah, definitely had to worry about me when I went out of the house like this.  Notice the stylish crystal belt and NYC knockoff purse.  (Don't judge me.  We all make mistakes.)

 Of course it’s not all bad.  It’s nice having someone cook for you and do your laundry, even if it does come out shrunken and blue. (No hard feelings Mom.  Love you!)  And for the time being I don’t have to worry about rent or utilities.  But alas, I know it can’t last forever (I would probably go nutso) so we’ve begun the hunt for a place to live. Time to embark on what some would consider as one of the worst adventures ever.  Apartment hunting.  *Cue the scary music and screams.* But here’s the thing guys, I actually love apartment hunting.  Matt thinks I’m crazy but I get a thrill out of going into the different places and thinking how I would arrange my furniture and decorate.  Looking all the model units offered is the best!

We have our budget all set up and we’re ready to begin the hunt but in this market who knows what will turn up.  Everything is so wonky where I’m from because there’s tons o’money in the area (which we don’t have any of) so we can basically only afford a place a la Ugly Betty:

But I’m hopeful we’ll find something that we both like and can afford.  And when I pretend I know how to decorate whip up genius interior designs, it will be a cute first place.  (Meaning just the boy and me without roommates, which are such a blasty blast.)  So, any other people hunting for places or have found their first place?  Feel free to share tips because I still have no idea what I’m doing.

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