Thursday, July 12, 2012


Even though it's not technically Friday, I think close to midnight counts.  So, time for another installment of Friday's letters!

Dear immune system, where are you?  And when are you coming back?  Dear Fridays, you seriously rock.  Dear paycheck, you are so, so sweet.  Dear Influenster, how long before you decide to send me stuff?  I have lots of badges.  Dear Bluebell Ice Cream guys, your flavors are amazing (Um hello? Ice cream with pound cake, bananas, and strawberries?  YES.), but why are you so expensive?  I only get to taste your magic when it goes on sale at Publix.  Dear Diet Coke people, level with me.  You put crack in there don't you?  It's the only way I can explain why I love the stuff so much.  Dear case of Diet Pepsi sitting in my fridge, you. are. a. fraud.  Dear self, come up with a cute name for your website so that people will want to buy lots and lots of your painted letters and matching accessories, m'kay? Dear M, you are so cute when you do the dishes in a towel.  I know this will embarrass you, but most women would kill for a man who did the dishes.  Especially in just a towel. Be proud.

Happy Friday y'all!

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