Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So What Wednesdays.

This week I'm saying so what if...

  • I ate like 8 Reese's miniature cups after two slices of pizza.  I still think that only counts as 2 regular sized ones and the peanut butter is totally protein.
  • I still have an awkward sunburn on my stomach and half of my legs a week later.  It will turn into a tan.  Eventually.
  • I finally got accepted to Birchbox and I think I should get my package tomorrow.  Who wants to wait 10 days for shipping?
  • I finally bought antifreeze for my car and it's been sitting on our dining room table for a few days now.  I obvs like to sweat my freckles off in this heat.
  • I bought another lip butter.  I can't help my obsession with a good thing.
  • We still haven't picked a wedding photographer and I don't have that much anxiety about it.  I'm not being lazy, I'm being laid back.  It sounds better.
  • We haven't met with our florist yet to see how much things cost.  
  • I haven't tried on any dresses yet and I don't have one good reason why not.
  • We haven't done anything else to progress wedding planning.  (Catching my vibe here?)  I think we gave ourselves so much time we're a little too comfortable with planning.
  • I am jealous my fiance gets to go on so many business trips.  I get lonely by myself!
  • I think a dog will solve the being-lonely-while-M-is-away problem.
  • I want a dog.
  • I hope M reads this and gets the hint.
  • He probably won't.

What are you thinkin' about this Wednesday?

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