Monday, July 2, 2012

It's a miracle!

So we've been living in our place for about 9 months, and we are just now getting curtains for our bedroom.

At the time, picking out cute knick knacks was more important.

However, I was kinda getting tired of how our blinds let in a sliver of light that went directly into my eyeballs at 7 am.  Naturally I picked the window side of the room when we moved in.  How could I have known?

Plus our window looked ugly.


I have mentioned on here before (like when we moved in) that we needed curtains for our bedroom.  I just became super discouraged after looking for ages and only finding ones that were upwards of $100 a panel.   Um hello, retailers?  Those curtains better be spun with thread of gold and silk to be that much.  We also needed really long ones to cover the whole window and I sure as heck wasn't going to sew them myself.  

Then I had a brilliant idea.  A trip to Ikea.  Where else can you find crap that will fall apart home goods for extra super cheap?  Plus they have hotdogs and ice cream for a dollar.  A dollar people.

And thank goodness, Ikea delivered.  We originally went in wanting a different pattern, but the ones we bought actually turned out to be perfect.  They also came with a liner, so no more light into my retinas.

How the hell you pronounce their name, I don't know.  But they are awesome.

(Learn more about them here)

A meeeeellion times better.

And sorry for the creepy night pictures.  Obviously the best time to hang up curtains and take pictures is at 9 at night.

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