Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hi friends!  I hope you all got to eat lots of hamburgers and that you still have all your fingers and toes from the Fourth of July!  We had a really nice time with family except for the part where I almost melted from the humidity.  Seriously, how is a girl supposed to look all cute and patriotic when her makeup is running down her face?  Amiright?

This is a busy week for us because of the holiday and this weekend is our nephew's third birthday.  (Cannot. Believe. It.  I really feel like I was just in the hospital looking at him through glass.) 

So what I like to do when I'm busy is de-stress in the kitchen.  What I can say?  Baking chills me out. (I realize that is an ironic statement.) And since it's sweaty-runny-eyeliner degrees out, I have the perfect summer treat to share with you.  Best part?  It takes 15 minutes and you probably have at least two ingredients in your fridge right now.  

It is frozen and creamy and oh so good.  I think the recipe was originally in Better Homes and Gardens but I adapted it to make it even easier.  It called for a graham cracker crust, but I like it better with a pastry crust because it's lighter and less sweet.  Totally up to you.

Pre-made pie crust (frozen or refrigerated)
1 tub of Cool Whip or similar whipped topping
8 oz of cream cheese, softened
10 oz of blackberry spread (seedless)
Blackberries for garnishing (optional)

1. Bake the pie crust according to directions.  Let it sit and cool.

2. Beat the cream cheese until smooth.  Mix in blackberry spread until just combined.  Fold in Cool Whip.

3.  Put mixture in pie shell and freeze overnight.


Yes, it's really only three steps.  No need to make your own whipped cream when they have invented stuff in a tub/can. Would I steer you wrong?  

It is so easy to make and I've brought it to a couple parties where it was a hit.  In fact, it will be making an appearance at my nephew's birthday as well.  See how that all tied in together?  I'm such a literary genius.

*Picture from Better Homes and Gardens.

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