Sunday, July 1, 2012

Friday's Letters

No I haven't lost my mind, I know it's Sunday, not Friday.  However, on Friday I was plagued with the stomach flu so I couldn't even get out of bed.  Hence, the switch to today to make up for it.

So cute hearing about my immune system deficiencies right?

Moving on.  Friday's Letters. On Sunday...

Dear kids that gave me the stomach flu, I still love you guys and I know you're super cute, but please stop giving me viruses.  My immune system can't take much more. Dear parents of aforementioned kids, why are you sending them to school when they are sick?  Because then I get sick.  Please get a backup plan.  Dear Birchbox, I have been wooing you for weeks and you still haven't invited me.  I'm about to break things off and find a different company soon... I know we can work things out.  Dear Florida weather,  as much as I enjoy melting as soon as I step out of my house, I would rather have the rain back.  I know, I know.  I want it both ways.  Dear Michaels, I just spent a lot of money on craft stuff and then you tempt me with a 40% coupon after I check out.  Do you see how this is becoming a dangerous cycle?  Dear potential wedding photographers, I know you are probably busy but it would be nice to get an email back so we can possibly hire you.  Sounds pretty crazy but please give it a try.  Dear Matt, I appreciate you bringing home a whole case of Diet Pepsi, but I reeeeally wish it was Diet Coke instead. ;)


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