Saturday, January 21, 2012

Burn Baby Burn (This will make sense further down.)

Hello lovers! 

I'm in a little bit of a Sex and the City mood. 

I wish I could be Carrie Bradshaw.  And have her amazing closet from the first movie.

Moving on.

To wedding stuff!  Yay!  We still don't have a specific date set in mind but we've talked about the time of year that we want in 2013.  We're thinking early spring or fall since we don't want our guests to be melting in the burning hot lovely Florida sun.  Other than that, we haven't really thought anything else out.  So I guess you could say we are still enjoying just being engaged and haven't really thought about any planning.

That being said, I downloaded three wedding magazines to my Kindle Fire this morning.  And let me just tell you, those things are dangerous.  Especially Martha Stewart's wedding mag.  It could make a girl forget she is on a budget.  But I still wanted to get inspiration.  That's what all the blogs and magazines say to do first, right?  Build up a notebook, or for those tech-savy ladies, a desktop folder of images that make your wedding fever burn. Oh and burn mine does. 

So I would like to share with you some (Quite literally some.  I have over 50 images gosh darn you Pinterest.) of the images that made me squeal with excitement.

Such a cool ceremony spot.  Love the soft overhead lighting mixed with the industrial look of the brick.

I should probably mention that neither of our families is religious, so we won't be getting married in a church or a traditional spot.  We're looking for something different and memorable that fits us.  Which is why I wish this building existed in South Florida.  The words "beach wedding" do not appeal to either of us.

Or how about, you know, just an amazing under-the-stars-and-trees-with-lanterns-reception?!  Seriously, is this not something you would see in Alice in Wonderland?  It even made the fiance "Oooh" just now.  And that never happens when I show him wedding stuff.  Ever.

This is such a cool and different way to display the place cards for guests.  I especially love the vintage pictures in the frames. 

And just another sidenote,  (Sorry I know my brain is all over the place.  I think it has quite possibly melted due to the wedding fever I have contracted.) I have found about 32 great ideas for place card displays.  And I could easily make all of them.  Which is a problem because it doesn't help me narrow down anything.  Oh the joys of being a crafty bride.

Really loving the idea of these silk rosettes in my hair.  Funnily enough, my hair is actually the one thing I have had a solid opinion on.  I have known what I wanted my hair to look like since I started dating Matt and we talked about marriage.  Kind of a relief knowing that one thing is already done.  Picking the hair stylist is however, not done.  Gotta count the small things though.  Right?

Looking at these images it's so clear as to what my wedding "vision" is, but I still can't seem to put a name on it.  Whimsical?  Vintage?  Rustic?  Crafty?  All of these kind of seem to apply but mushed together.  Someone please tell me that's just how all brides feel when they first start out their planning process. 

Maybe I'll just enjoy being engaged a for a little bit longer.  :)

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