Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally unpacked. Finally.

Hello my lovely people.  You might have noticed that there have been no new posts for about a week and a half but alas, the moving process was a massive undertaking that took forever a piece of cake.  We finally finished organizing and unpacking this weekend.  Yes.  A week after we moved in.  It was just so impossible to come home at six every night and then find the gusto to put together our new place.  But we are finally done.  Let the angels sing.

I could literally cry with happiness. I do not kid on this matter.

However, I don't mind that it took so long because I am totally and completely in love with this place.  We sprung (Sprang? Either way it sounds like a made up word.)  for the upgraded version of the apartment so we have all new appliances (minus a microwave, more on that later), lovely lighting fixtures, and best of all,a real wood floor.  We just recently discovered this fact (we totes thought it was laminate) and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Plus it looks ah-mazing with our new furniture.  More on that later too.

And of course, I have been decorating like a fiend.  Which brings me to my next point.  My next couple of posts.  They will be filled with pictures and not much else.  Hooray!  I know reading my blog lately has been like reading War and Peace but I had to unpack the camera.  (Harder than you might think.)  So I will commence with the photos soon!  There is plenty of Halloween decorating and accessories as well as my day-to-day decor in my new place.  (Which I totally thought I had more of when I moved but I guess I overestimated my stash.  That just means more shopping though, right?)  Mkay, so enough with all the talking.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's fun!

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