Thursday, September 8, 2011

Interior Inspiration: Relaxing Bedrooms

Hi y'all!  So I have been flipping through the Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel catalogs and I have seen so many gorgeous bedrooms.  They all look so relaxing and soothing.  So it got me thinking about our future bedroom.  You know, the one we'll have when we move into the new place...after the holidays...which aren't coming soon enough...I want it to be a retreat.  In our last place it was less than relaxing.

I cannot believe I am posting this picture.


Holy Batman!  So embarrassing!  Please excuse the spots on the wall where the previous renters tried to paint over holes they had patched.  And I don't think there was actually a comforter in that duvet when this was taken.  Good grief.

I would much rather our room look like these rooms.

{via houzz}

Love the fabric draped across the bed frame! Reminds me of a beach getaway.

{Blog where posted was removed}

How amazing is this bedroom?  That lamp, that old travel case, the photos above the bed (I may have to try that one!) and the dusty purple bedding. 

Even though our duvet cover is super comfy, I'm not crazy about the colors.  It's time for a change.  Of course, it totally depends on if we're allowed to paint the new place or not, but I'm loving the light blue and yellow color combo.  Blue is always so calming in a bedroom and the yellow can add that fun bit of cheeriness.  (It would be a bonus if I could squeeze that armoire in there once I paint it yellow.)  Just look how nice these rooms look.

{via core architect}

{Ikea via blueprint bliss}
 Now, I've never seen this bed at Ikea in yellow so maybe I missed it, but I am kinda obsessed.  We don't need a new one but I would buy one just for fun if it were that color.  Ikea, you devil you.  I somehow always come out of there with more than I went in for.

Speaking of Ikea, which can I just say I friggin love that store?  Where else can you buy decent furniture for cheap and eat fantastic meatballs?  I will put that stuff together all day long if I have to as long as I don't have to pay a fortune for it.  Ok now that I got my Ikea love fest out of my system, I would like to discuss their bedding.  A while back (like two years ago), we were shopping there with some friends and we saw a comforter and matching sheets that were similar to this:

This isn't the actual pattern.  In fact it's the pattern that's the same stripes as the liner paper they put in their dresser drawers.  We fell in love with it and decided we would come back and get it the next weekend.  Big. Mistake.  When we came back, they were all sold out and we found out they were going to be discontinued!  Of course!   I haven't been able to find them since.  I'm at the point where I might just buy some fabric and sew a duvet cover myself but I'm still hopeful I can find them online somewhere.  That always happens to me. 

So that's what I'm thinking for our new room.  Somewhere along the lines of blue and yellow with lots of cream, white, and tan.  Ooh, sounds more relaxing already. 

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