Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pretty hair doodad tutorial

So if you couldn't guess by the title of this post, it will be a tutorial on how to make an adorable hair barrette such as this one.

I was in the process of making a different craft (more on that in a later post) and I decided that these rosettes I was making would look really cute as some sort of hair accessory.  And voila!  Ten minutes later I had a pretty little hair clip.

What you will need:
-a hair clip, barrette or any other hair accessory
-felt (green for the leaves and then whatever color(s) you want for the roses)
-a hot glue gun

I started out with an old barrette that I don't wear anymore because it is tres hideous.

See? I do not lie.  Pretty sure I wore this in 3rd grade.

Then take the same color felt as the rosettes and glue it to the front.  I find that it makes it easier when gluing the roses and leaves and as a plus the silver didn't show through.  Just trim around the shape of the barrette.  If you're using a different kind of clip, just cut the felt to fit the shape.  Or you can just skip this step if you're not an OCD perfectionist like me.

Now time to make the rosettes.  Cut the felt into small squares that are about the size of the palm of your hand.  This is for a smaller rose.  If you want a larger one, just make the square a little bit bigger.

Then you cut the felt in a swirly pattern until it looks like this:

Now it's time to rooooll up the felt.  Make sure you roll it tightly so it doesn't come unwound.  You can use spots of glue to hold it in place if you want, but again with the laziness I didn't bother.  The end step holds it all in place anyway.

Keep rolling until you have a little circle at the end of your swirl.  The next step will be the one that will keep the rosette from falling apart.  (And by the way, please excuse my chipped nail polish.  I'm such a classy broad.)  Glue the little circle down so that it's in the middle of the whole rose.

 Again with the chipped polish...

And there you have it.  Your rosette.  

As I stated earlier, you can make them any size or color you want.  And you can put however many you want onto your clip.  I'm thinking a little bunch of three mini ones would be totes adorbs.  The next step is to cut out leaves (if you want them) and glue everything into place.

Love it! These could easily be made as gifts for all your girlfriends.  I know a few of mine that will want them. (Christmas is coming ladies!) And because I know you are just dying to see what a beautiful model I am it looks like in someone's hair, here's a lovely parting shot.

Please excuse the following (I know I have asked for a lot of that this post):
-the fact my hair is still wet and completely unstyled, aka not brushed and doing its thang
-that this picture is blurry as the result of low lighting
-that this totally looks like a Myspace bathroom shot because it was indeed shot in the bathroom

I know that ya'll will find it in your hearts to forgive me because you're just lovely that way.  And I hope you feel inspired to make your own cute clips!

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