Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finally the good stuff!

First of all as a disclaimer:


If you're not Matt, sorry about the shouty capitals and let's carry on shall we?

Wedding dresses.

I love to look at them but I am super nervous to try them on.  Why, I have no idea because I know it's usually the bride's favorite thing to do.  I think it's because it's such a huge deal and once you buy your dress, that's it, it's yours and there's no going back.  I really want to make the right choice!

Luckily, I have it all narrowed down to a style and look that I like so that won't be a problem.  I even narrowed it down to a designer I love.  Now it just comes down to actually getting my rear into an actual store.

Ready for some pics?  Of course you are.

I want my hair done in some sort of low, side chignon with a simple hair accessory like this (1) or a gorgeous headband with some fun crystals (2).  Dresses (3) and (4) are from Allure Bridal, the designer I loooove, and I adore the back details in dress (5). 

This garter (1) is perfect because it doesn't look too uncomfortable, it has a nice vintage feel to it, and it would cover my something blue.  The bride's shoes in (2) are exactly what I picture on our wedding day because they are fun and bright to match our colors.  Dresses (3), (4), and (5) are all again from Allure Bridal, which is great because I'll have a lot try on from just one designer.  

So can you see a trend in my wedding dress style? Lots and lots of lace with a simple silhouette and some sort of sleeves.  I even would add some sort of ribbon belt with rosettes if I could find one that didn't clash with the dress.  

Best of all, these dresses aren't as expensive as I thought they would be.  Which is great because wedding photographers are turning out to be.  And don't worry, as soon as I try dresses on, you all will know about it. :)


Paulina said...

Its sooooooo hard with wedding dresses because it's true once you pick it there's no going back! But don't worry because when you have that teary "this is the dress" moment, you never want to go back because you are delighted with all the details of the perfect dress for you!

from the top set of Allure.... I LOVE #3 and it is killing me! You have such a perfect figure for that dress. But I agree, the back on #5 is AMAZING!

Garters are a pain in the butt to wear! So this one looks perfect! I love that its not the traditional "scrunchy" type that essentially cuts off the circulation to your leg. lol

I love love love that you want to wear bright colored heels that pop! Its so awesome!

I really love the sashes on the dresses and the delicate lace sleeves. You are going to look like a dazzling star I'm so excited! *squeal!*

Corinne said...

Paulina, I actually really love number 3 too. It's probably my favorite and I'm planning on trying it on in the first go-around of dress shopping!

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